About Med Foods Inc.

About Med Foods Inc.

Med Foods Inc. – a subsidiary of Deoleo S.A., the No. 1 olive oil company in the world – is the premiere importer and marketer of Mediterranean food products in the United States. With a focus primarily on olive oil, our family of brands includes worldwide favorites Bertolli®, Carapelli®, and Carbonell®.

Deoleo S.A. is fully dedicated to bringing our discerning consumers the finest, highest quality olive oils from the most fertile regions of the world. Our brands offer distinctive flavors and an unmatched consistency of quality and taste. What’s more, all of our brands meet and exceed the extensive, strict quality requirements of the International Olive Council (IOC), the European Union (EU) the North American Olive Oil Association (NAOOA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Beyond olive oil, Deoleo S.A. products include premium vinegars and the finest Spanish table olives available.

It is our goal to become the undisputed leader in the olive oil market in the US. We strongly believe that through our core values we will far exceed expectations.

Med Foods Inc. Core Values
  • Brand Strength – We are recognized by our consumers through the strength of our brands.
  • Category Management & Customer Service – We are recognized by our consumers for having solid category management and reliable customer service.
  • Employee Pride – Our employees take pride in what we do and who we are.
  • Return on Investment – We are constantly seeking sustainable profitable growth in order to provide a return on investment for our shareholders.

Deoleo S.A. companies adhere to the highest standards of food quality, safety, consistency and innovation.

Food safety

We diligently oversee the food safety and quality control of all our products using the most advanced analytical techniques.


By systematically documenting and certifying the origin and production of our olive oils, we are able to trace our products from the grove to the shelf. This ensures quality and consistency at every stage of production.


We guarantee total uniformity and consistency in our products by analyzing and characterizing more than 15,000 samples to ensure they meet the desired quality and flavor profile.


More than 2 million € is invested annually in innovation and for improving processes, controls and productivity.

Quality Control

Our plants feature state-of-the-art laboratories to monitor and ensure the quality of our products by incorporating advanced control techniques including Mass Spectrometry, liquid and gas chromatography and Emission Spectroscopy.

Environmental Commitment

Plants and processes certified by the ISO 14000 environmental management.

For more information about our commitment to our customers and quality, visit Deoleo S.A.